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Hot Air Ballon Ride

Oh my gosh - We have always wanted to enjoy the adventure of a Hot Air Balloon Ride. There is a great company in Temecula that's associated with the South Coast Winery. We arrived just prior to sunrise and enjoyed coffee and introductions at the South Coast's dining room. We then walked down a hill through vineyards to the launch grounds.

Wow Wow Wow. There were six colorful deflated ballons with their attached wicker baskets laid out on the ground. Each balloon had an assistant working on the gas jets, filling the ballons with hot air. It looked like beautiful choregraphy. The noise level was high - luckily we were prepared with proper ear muffs. I had a GoPro mounted on my head, a 1080HD video cam along with my iPhone ready to shoot videos and stills. Lori had her Samsung ready to do the same.

Once the balloons were fully inflated (with handlers holding on to the ground ropes), we climbed into the baskets. Before we knew it, we were gliding into the sky and slowly cruising above the vineyards and houses of Temecula. We had no sense of height or motion - just a lovely slow glide across the lansacape at from 100 ft to 1,000 feet!!

The colors were sensational as were the scents of nature and the art of the balloon. The "captain" was constantly pulling on the gas burners control adding hot air to increase height and/or on the air dump line to reduce height. We were drinking champagne and having a fantastic time.

Eventuially we drifted over a residental area and before we knew it we landed in the middle of the street!! Dogs, joggers, kids and cars were all trying to avoid this brightly colored illusion that landed in their neighbor hood!!

Now that was another great day with TravelFoodiesTV

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