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Hot Air Balloon Adventure
         St Croix
           Cooking Organic Turkey
    Wine tasting w/ James Suckling
         SPACE X Launch at NASA, FL.
Rubin Sandwwich at TOP HAT Restaurant
               LUNA Beach Bimini
Chocolate factory Dominican Republic
  Naked Fisherman REstaurant St Lucia filming Clients
OB House Restaurant BLT
Media  Partners for SouthWest Airlines
Our Twitter Team OSCARS

PediCab Ride in Vietnam

Worlds longest Hogie
 BBQ at the Yellow Green  FL
Cooking at the Biltmore Hotel FL
Art Basel Miami VIP Room
Venice Beach Calif
Randall Hard Hat Diver
   Randall w/ his 1977 LOTUS ESPRI
 Randall SCUBA CA
  Ferrari passanger Hollywood, CA
  Video Class SONY Studios Calif
Shooting video at Youtube
         Boom training YOUTUBE Calif
     Fort Lauderdale Beach Christmas
Video Production class YOUTUBE CALIF
Special Effects class YOUTUBE Calif
 Breaking Bad motorhome at SONY Studios, Calif
           BBQ Marina del Rey, Calif
               Venice Beach, Calif
 Authentic Chinese Duck Ft Lauderdale
Regent Seven SEas cruise to Borneo

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